The Factors That Get You Hired

Finding a qualified candidate is easy, but finding the right hire is a different thing. When a hiring manager posts a job requisition, it usually doesn’t take long before they receive applications from so many candidates that fit the bill. However, hiring managers do not only look at skills and experiences when they decide on which candidate to hire. Personality matters too. Hiring managers prefer someone that shows the right attitude and culture fit. They also prefer a candidate who shows dedication to stay with the company for an extended period of time.

One of the common questions that interviewers ask during a job interview is “why should we hire you?” When answering this question, make sure that you also address the different factors that hiring managers consider when selecting a candidate to fill the position. This means that you should not only talk about your industry experience and special skills. You should also use this chance to talk about their other considerations.

In this article, we will guide you on the certain factors that you can talk about if a hiring manager asks you why you should be hired. Here’s more information on how to pass interviews and look at this now.

Skills and Experiences

Starting off with an overview of your skills and experiences is a good way to approach the question “why should we hire you?” Mention a few notable accomplishments and responsibilities from your work history. Discuss how you succeeded in those areas and how you can use them to contribute to your prospective employer. You can also point out the specialized skills that you possess and how they are essential to your success in the job you’re interviewing for. Stick to the facts and don’t exaggerate. If you have enough accomplishments and skills to prove your suitability, then just focus on communicating them well.

Culture Fit

Culture fit is all about how your personality will jive with the rest of the team or company. This part requires some research. Find out how to culture is like in their workplace. Are they overly competitive? Do they place a high value on open communication and transparency? Once you figure those out, you will get a better idea if you are a good fit for the company in terms of culture. If you know that you are, then you can highlight your character traits during the interview. Additional interview question and answer, you can also read the best way to answer weakness interview question as additional tips that will help you to pass your interviews.

Long-term Goals

If you are committed to staying with the company for the next five years or so, then don’t forget to mention it in your interview. Explain why staying with the company is well-suited to your long-term career plans. Give examples of your goals and tell them how you plan to achieve it. For example, you can mention that you are looking forward to taking on a leadership role in the next three or four years and eventually transition into a managerial role.

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